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My Story

My name is Erin Vroom. I am from San Jose, CA. I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2011. I’ve done a Discipleship Training School and a handful of other training programs with Youth With a Mission in Salem, Oregon.

I always enjoyed expressing my creativity through photography, videography, design. But it wasn’t until my travels with YWAM that I realized there was a significant story to tell and that I was pretty good at telling it. Ever since then, doors have continued to open for me to use my passion for multimedia communication to express missions efforts worldwide.

Currently, I am the Communications Director at Youth With a Mission in Salem, Oregon. I do graphic design, web design, photography, public relations, social media, and marketing both freelance and for YWAM. Purposeful, clean, and inspiring multimedia communication is the name of my game.



My Job

At YWAM Salem, we realize that God is moving in the realm of graphics and media as a means to communicate His truth in the 21st century.  There is an opportunity to redeem the negative statistics that accompany our cultures over-infatuation with digital communication. I believe that media has the potential to no longer distract, but rather center us upon God’s purposes for our lives. God has set it on our hearts to tell His stories and boast of His works through media based projects. My team aims to:

  • Promote the schools and programs at YWAM Salem that inspire and train youth to be released into every sphere of society with experiential knowledge of God and greater global perspective.
  • Use our talents to help other organizations and ministries communicate their visions.
  • Use our department as a platform for individuals to develop valuable technical skills of multimedia communication[/one_half_last]

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