I had the best time visiting Maleesa and Italy this past week. We hiked on the west coast (Cinque Terre), roamed around the east coast (Venice), and got very acquainted with the best gelato, cappuccino, and pizza places in Florence. I enjoyed looking at old things and pondering a new culture. Here are a few pictures I took for documentation.

Top of the Duomo

Maleesa’s street. Bookended by the Duomo and the Academia (the statue of David lives there).

Maleesa’s kitchen. We cooked lots to save money.

It was the 150th anniversary of something Italian. There were lots of flags.

Cinque Terre

Santa Croce

The Arno and Ponte Vecchio

Different Arno/ Vecchio view.


More Venice.

The view from Brita and Kayla’s terrace.

Pitti Palace.

Pretty much Maleesa’s front yard.

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